Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It happens every week, someone sends me an email referring the "the attachment" and there is no attachment.  Opps!  I have done this.  How do we respond to this?  99.9% of the time, the attachment is not there because the person was in a hurry and didn't attach it.  Rarely, very rarely, there is technical glitch and the attachment didn't send, or was stripped off in transmission and receiving.  The natural reaction is to email back, "you forgot the attachment . . . BONEHEAD!"  Oh I know we usually leave "bonehead" off, but we all know it is implied.  My reply, "my computer ate the attachment, please resend it."  Let's place the responsibility on Windows - and the two of us work together to try to slip this one past it.  Why should I make a harried person, feel bad about being overworked and distracted, when the real issue is simply, for what ever reason I didn't receive the attachment and I need it. No guilt, no responsibility, please resend it.  


  1. cripes, I don't know how many times I have done this! or I receive an attachment that I cannot read. being gracious about it is better than being a dick.

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  3. David
    You're still using Windows?

    1. 90% of the working world is stuck with Windows at least at work.

    2. normal people don't mind windows; windows and I go way back; it's comfortable and works for me at work and home.