Monday, April 04, 2016

Scarred for Life

There are two groups of people who will look down at your shoes when they talk to you, extroverted engineers and actuaries, - introverted engineers and actuaries look down at their own shoes, and people who have sold shoes at some point in their life.  I am math-phobic so I am not in that first grouping, but I sold ladies shoes for 9 months while I was killing time waiting to go to law school  - and I am SCARRED FOR LIFE.

So over the weekend I visited the National Gallery of Art,   I was listening to one of the docents talk about the Monet's and I looked down and I had to take a picture.  OMG!  What amazing heels.  And yes, those will scar her feet for life.


  1. there for a minute I thought you were showing off your own new spring fashion attire. thanks for the clarification.

    those WILL kill your ability to walk. I only wear clogs.