Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Private Jet Travel

The side of the jet, reads "First Class Air Travel," it should be a nice way to travel.  Nice private jets, old 727's I believe.  The extra large door would have come in handy for the guy in the middle seat in the row ahead of me last Thursday night, actually he was in the middle seat, and 1/3 of the window seat, and 1/3 of the aisle seat - airlines really need to accommodate persons of size without squeezing the poor sods sitting next to them.

Pegasus on the tail of these two planes is a clue as to their use, they are private jets for race horses.  Specialized first class travel for very expensive, very pampered and very fast horses.  Keeneland race course is in the middle of their spring meet, the race course is just across the road from the airport in Lexington.


  1. or old MD-80s. the derby is coming up fast!

    1. They do lean toward MD-80 for me as well, those noisy engines hugging the tail. I live just above the Private Jet terminal here in San Diego, ours is a busy one with some beautiful jets.

  2. 727 - it has the small third engine in the middle of the tail and was smaller, about 90 passengers as I recall. NW had a bunch of them. Real fuel guzzlers by today's standards

  3. I remember marvelling at the luxury jet in airport 77
    The built in video game table blew my mind as did the blind piano player getting crushed by his own piano