Friday, April 08, 2016

Put a little beauty and wonder in your life

There is so much crap, garbage, negative input in our lives that we struggle to control, shit-happens we have can ignore it, but we know it is there. To balance this we can seek out beauty and wonder and welcome them into your life.

One of the great wonders of Washington DC is the proliferation and world class museums - one of the reasons I wanted to live here.


  1. I have nominated you for the most prestigious Music and Words award!

  2. How right you are. Constant worrying about the bad stuff going on in the world can grind a person down. Being surrounded by beauty can lift our spirits, making us stronger and more able to cope with the bad stuff. Even a walk in the garden, in the sunshine, to admire the tulips can do that.
    Your museum looks a great place to get that boost.

  3. just go outside and look up, down, and all around. it's out there!

  4. I hear tell DC is awash with marvelous museums at times more than in Europe. Yet few kids want to spend their summer vacation there. I want to see DC.