Saturday, April 16, 2016

Home - again

If you ask me where I am from, you are likely to hear in reply, "it is complicated."  I have lived in five states.  I have few connections and no desire to live in Michigan the place I was born (I am do for a visit.) I should go back and visit some dead relatives and remind myself how lucky I was to flee when I did.  I have an emotional attachment to Phoenix that is hard to understand, I was in the first grade when my family lived there.  I liked Florida, I miss the warmer winters, but I am not sure I would move back.  There are oddities in Florida, there are nearly no rocks, the gardening seasons are really different and most transplanted yankees never figure it out (it is too hot in the summer to grow tomatoes.) I had some good times in Kentucky and really grew as an adult there, but neither of us ever really wanted to be there.  It was where the jobs and opportunity were. When people remark that I am from Kentucky, I often correct them, that I am not from there, but I did live there for a few years (13.5 years.)  Virginia still feels temporary.  I have been here over 7 years, and still do not feel like I fit. I thought when I got a drivers license here and voted it would feel like I belonged, and still I feel alien.

But I am back home for the moment, to the place that I have my mail sent to.  I have been in and out for a couple of weeks with conferences in Denver and Kentucky.  I am home for a few weeks, then another couple of conferences and grand adventure vacation.

So where are you from and where is home?


  1. philly & philly. bounced around NJ (3 years) and VA (20 years). but philly is home and always will be.

  2. I grew up in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia(Norfolk, Chesapeake(then South Norfolk), Va Beach). It is home to me even though we moved from city to city but stayed in that area. Lived in Baltimore during college years and found that place home-like. Lived in NE New Jersey for 3 years couldn't WAIT to get outta there!lol Lived in 2 different places in NE Pennsylvania for a combined total of 30 years now and counting. Liked the first PA location and am surviving the current one and will be moving asap. Can't go back to previous PA location due to great changes in that area. I'd never live in Hampton Roads again too, due to great changes there in the last 35 years. It's true that you can't go home, as it never feels the same.
    I've found wisdom through the years that you make do and wherever you are make it your home.

    And BTW-us native Virginians who aren't from Northern VA don't consider that area part of VA. To get a real feel for the people of VA live elsewhere in the state.

  3. I have lived forty years in the Midwest/Michigan; ten years in AZ. I still count 'MI" as home.

  4. Anonymous4/18/2016

    This sculpture should be named "Splitting Headache"!

    ~ Freckles

  5. Born and raised in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia down off 81 in the SW part, yup I'm a hillbilly. Lived there my first 26 years as I went to college there as well. Then moved west to Seattle for a year, beautiful place but too damp. Then moved to San Diego for a temporary job, loved it...bought a house and stayed. Been here about 25 years now and this is HOME.
    I was raised in VA but VA is not home. When I'm back there, which is often due to mom's age, I don't fit, it's pretty there but I just don't fit.