Thursday, April 21, 2016

Go The Other Way

As I mentioned, Mt Vernon was busy last weekend, a couple of large tour groups of teenagers had come in, rather than turn left and follow the usual traffic pattern, I turned right, and then right again, walking the circuit in the opposite direction as the majority of visitors.  As a result the crowds were less intense and the noise level was much lower.

It also meant that I was climbing the hill up from the landing, on the path that I normally go down to the landing on.  Nearing the top of the hill, it is a bit of a steep climb, I stopped to sit and rest of a moment, and I saw this view of the Mansion that I had never seen before.  A rather nice view from that angle and the trees and blooms nicely frame it. We see things in a new light when we break the routine, and do things the other way around once in a while.


  1. Very true.
    Here in France we often come across "route barrée" signs - meaning the road is closed for road works, a brocante (village junk market) or, especially at weekends, a cycle race. This means we have to turn around and find another way and we end up using roads we haven't been down before and seeing familiar places from a different angle. It's nearly always a total joy to travel undiscovered roads.

  2. Often I find that in life the unexpected route is what takes us where we actually want to go.


    safe for work; I'mma just gonna leave that there...

  4. Ah! The unexpected. David kinda likes that. I tend to be wary of anything I cannot predict or control... with David being an exception to that, of course.