Saturday, April 09, 2016


When I was growing up my Aunt and Uncle owned a house on Lake Orion, not far north of Detroit.  Dick had bought a boat from a neighbor, who had won it on "The Price is Right," and needed a place for the boat, so he bought a house on a lake.  It was a fun old two story house, built during prohibition with a hidden space under the stairs for cases of bottles.

A highlight of my summers in my early teens was spending a week or two in the summer at the Lake.  Being indulged with exhotic foods like Pizza, and filling the days with fishing and boat rides.  The original boat was large, and heavy.  Parts of the lake were shallow and not safe to take the big boat into, so they bought a 10 foot row-boat.  They let me take the little boat out on the lake.  Rowning takes a little getting use to.  It is harder work than you think.

The house was on the inlet for Dollar Bay, round like a silver dollar and shallow at the end dollar bay was probably 25 acres of water.  The row boat allowed me to get off into the shallows at the end of the bay, into the water lilies. The water lilies fascinated me and creeped me out.  I still find them hauntingly beautiful

What fascinates and creeps you out?


  1. American higher education

  2. Anonymous4/09/2016

    "Group think".

    ~ Freckles

  3. I have not disclosed this, so feel honored I am doing so.
    I am horrified/revolted yet fascinated by a phobic condition (the fancy names escapes me) about holes or pores, especially in living or organic material.