Saturday, April 02, 2016

Black Sheep of the Family

I like being the black-sheep of the family.  I don't spend a lot of time, thinking what will my family think.  If I am happy, they will either be happy or they won't.  I can't control their reaction, and worrying about it would only make it harder for me to be happy.
        Moved out to do work I wanted to do.
        Headed off to college in my own unique way.
        Gotten married (a couple of time)
        Gotten divorced.
        Traveled a lot, with my sweet bear, and solo.
        Lived in big cities.
        Came out of the closet - lived openly - taken the same man home for decades
        Voted for Democrats
        Taken jobs I found fulfilling rather than the ones that paid the most money
        Quit a good paying job, because the stress was killing me (way back in 1991.)


  1. I am too...and I don't give six shits.

    "see you can't please everyone, so you've gotta please yourself" - rick nelson, "garden party"

  2. "what will they think of me?" thoughts have destroyed more self growth than anything else.

  3. "What will they think" only prevented me from coming out to my parents. That was bad enough, as far as Mom was concerned believe me, but Dad was really good. Other than that, I don't think that really got in the way much. My sweet little bunny might actually be a better judge of that.