Friday, November 04, 2022

Fabulous Friday : Good Stuff

Each stitch is perfectly placed, every thread end tied off to perfection.  The selection of leather, is the finest and only the finest, someone else can use the rest.  The fittings are cast, filed, sanded, polished and sealed.  The design and craftsmanship is Fabulous.  Guys, we are missing out by not having a tradition of carrying quality leather bags.  My messenger bag is bespoke, and well made and finished, and durable, but it will never have the look and feel of what we reserve for the ladies.  Not that they don't deserve the best, but there could be enough to go around, and then we would all look fabulous.  

Then there are the amazing colors.* 

 * I accidently changed a setting and took a dozen of so shots in black and white, I went back to get the LV colors.  Is it better in color? 


  1. I often favour black and white but in this case no. Colour is better.

  2. I like either handbag and either color, but if that bag did come in which appears gray in the top, that would be sharp as hell! I myself years ago invested in a leather messenger bag from Dolce & Gabbana. It was an investment, but all these years later I still have it and it still looks great.

  3. I hate to post a photo of my carrying case, It is quite old, worn, cracked, and falling apart. Like my men.