Monday, June 11, 2018

Would you?

Would you? 
Cook live shellfish - lobster, crabs? 
Eat oysters?
Eat Horse? (Italy and France)
Eat Whale?  (Japan and Iceland) 
Eat Seal? (Canada) 


  1. Yes to the first.

    No to the rest. Oysters look gross. Horses are too much like friends, and they maintain a strong energy and drive of their own. Whales are too majestic and have earned their right to not be hunted. Seals are to comical to eat...they make me laugh.

    The way I see it, there is enough other types of meat and food to eat.

    1. My sister-in-law won't eat anything that is "cute" lamb, rabbit, duck. Comical - you have never spent the afternoon with cows telling jokes? Raw oysters can be quite good.

  2. Contrary to the general opinion that I'm a heartless ogre, I'd never be barbaric enough to cook anything "live".
    I love oysters.
    I wouldn't eat a horse unless I was damn hungry.
    I'd probably try whale and/or seal. Heck, I've tried rattlesnake once (once was enough).

  3. Cook live shellfish - lobster, crabs? Well... i wouldn't cook them because that would be... well... cooking. (But I eat them.)
    Eat oyster? Not raw. Mucus!
    Eat Horse? (Italy and France) NO!
    Eat Whale? (Japan and Iceland) NO!
    Eat Seal? (Canada) NO!

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