Saturday, June 02, 2018

Around and Around and Around it Goes

It was crowded, and my feet hurt so I didn't stand a wait for a seat, but this bar goes around, and around, and around.  Very slowly.  A friend of mine who gets motion sick and tends to over enjoy, did try it.  I have not heard a report, leading me to believe it did not end well.  

Would you work here? 


  1. I wouldn't work anywhere, but I might drink there briefly. Jerry couldn't handle it. He got motion sickness in a slowly revolving restaurant.

  2. probably not. motion sickness here also.

  3. Sure I'd work there, if I could still work and if the customers don't mind getting thrown up on by an anti social employee.

  4. Their motto, "What goes around, comes around."



  5. I have stayed at this hotel and love it. I also love the art work in the carousel bar, and was fortunate enough to be gifted an original piece from the same artist in the same style as the ones hanging in the bar.