Tuesday, June 19, 2018


I had a great time in Toronto.  The weather was delightful, highs in the 70's lows around 60.  The airport is large, and very international, but easy to navigate. There is an express train from the airport to the city center - it makes two stops, makes the run in a predictable 25 minutes and runs every 15 minutes.  The Sheraton hotel was nice, the room nice and fluffy.  The food was good, the service polite.  Above is the view from my room.  

The place felt foreign, and everyone spoke English.  The money was different, at the current exchange rate the prices are not bad.  

The only thing that surprised, me was the number of men literally sleeping on the sidewalk.  

It was only my second visit to Toronto, I would like to go back. 

Have you been to Toronto? 


  1. I spent two whole summers in Canada and loved everywhere I went. Toronto was nice, but Montreal and Vancouver were more me.

    Quebec was quite amazing too.

  2. never toronto, but montreal, vancouver, victoria were nice cities.

  3. I can't believe I've never been to Toronto. Have heard so many great things about it, but have recently heard a lot about the homeless problem.

  4. I think we stopped for a couple of hours in Victoria while on our Alaskan cruise.

  5. It is one of our favorite cities. Oh to be there in early July for the Fringe Festival.