Thursday, June 28, 2018

Slow Down

Slow down, we eat to fast, we drive to fast, we drink to fast, we communicate to fast.  We are rushing through life.  Stop and smell the roses, slow down and see the world anew.  

I can remember the first time I ordered Tapas, I was upset because it didn't come out fast enough, or in the order I ordered it.  Tapas, is slow food, it arrives when it is ready, in the order it happens to come out.  Tapas is from a different culture, a culture that moves at a different pace.  I have learned to enjoy it, I fixed dinner that way recently.  

Am I learning something?  Can you teach an old dog new tricks? 


  1. Depends on how stubborn the dog is.

  2. Yes you can! And a good message here. People always ask me if Im from the south, because Im so laid back and it will get done, when it gets done attitude. Why rush?

    And when I go out to eat be prepared to be in there for 2-3 hours! I enjoy my meals, drink and company.


    this little song fits right here; safe for work.

  4. Of course you can. And you're a young dog, anyway! And now, thanks to you, I'll be singing Feeling Groovy for the rest of the evening.

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