Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Added Days

I committed to adding a couple of days to a couple of work trips this year.  Often, like my most recent trip to New Orleans, the trip is all work.  If I don't plan ahead, it is get there, work, work, work, get home.  If I add a couple of extra nights at my own expense, I get to see things like the coast at Pebble Beach above.  The extra couple of days, are days well spent.  

How often do you add an extra day or two to a trip? 


  1. I used to do so as often as possible.

  2. Last year we started adding an extra day of camping (does that count?). Fudgemuffin is off every other Friday, so we used to go three days. Well, half a day on Friday and half on Sunday, which left only Saturday as a full day of camping fun. We added an extra day to enjoy it more. In other, and fewer, words, yes.

  3. Never, as I would run out of clothes, Rx, and coverage back home.
    On the other hand I've shortened trips due to inclement weather or boredom.