Wednesday, June 06, 2018

The Way We Were Wednesday

In sorting through things, getting the other house ready to sell, we found my three-ring-binder stuffed full to overflowing with negatives from the 1970's.  The collection starts in 1975, with a few thousand shots a year, most in black and white.  I was buying film in 100-foot rolls, loading my own 35mm canisters, developing and printing at home and at school.  In sorting out Dad's slides last year, I bought a film scanner, I can scan negatives or positives, color or black and white, in a variety of film sizes (not 120/220 and there are 120/220 films in the binder.) . 

The picture above was taken with my camera, in high school, it would have been in the fall or spring, this was the school in Michigan.  More specifically one of the four new classrooms that were added on to the building in about 1973.  I can't believe how thin I was - my mother convinced me I was fat.  I had a wonderfully geeky pair of Rayban aviator sunglasses, with the huge case on my belt.  I am wearing a ring on my right hand, that would be a silver one with a stone top, I still have it.  

I will try to hold memory lane down to one day a week, should it be "The Way We Were Wednesday" or "Time Travel Thursday"?


  1. Great photo. (Oh, mothers!)

  2. yo mama LIED to you! TWWWW works (see what I did there?)!

  3. I enjoy seeing old photos of folks I've only known 'in the present'. I can see the resemblance !