Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Way We Were Wednesday

My father was a licensed pilot.  It was his hobby.  Photography was my hobby.  I took some pictures from a plane one day, people saw them and started asking us to take a picture of their farm. I discovered a way to make money.  I paid for the air time, Dad flew, I took the pictures, the profits paid for several thousand dollars in professional camera equipment in just a couple of years.  

The two shots above are from 1975.  The airplane was a mid size twin, at the local airport.  It was owned by a musician with a group called Grand Funk Railroad, his mother lived near the airport and he would drop in from time to time.  The lower image is North Branch, Michigan.  The track was at the old school complex, the school buses are parked just right of center all in neat rows.  The Food-Locker building was still standing (it burned to the ground in the mid 70's.) I was raised about three miles southwest of there, a mile and a half from the nearest paved road. 

Did you have a profitable teenage hobby? 


  1. Yes. It was profitable for the drug store that I bought comic books from.

  2. No
    my hobbies haven't earned me a dime.