Friday, June 29, 2018


In many ways I was an early adopter, I bought my first home computer in the early 80's, my first cell phone in 1996, my first blackberry in 2005, a smart phone in 2010.  I have owned more Windows machines than I can count, there are four windows laptops taking up space under my desk at home.  I am on my second Chromebook, I have not been as happy with this one as the first one.  I pre-ordered the first Kindle Fire, and I have been almost exclusively a Kindle reader for a decade.  

In January my 14 month old Windows desk top ate it's hard drive.  In a moment of frustration, I went out and bought the biggest desktop Apple makes.  It has taken some time to figure out, there are still things that are frustrating about it, and seemingly unchangeable.  I love the huge size (27inches.) A month ago I bought an I-Pad with a keyboard case to be my travel computer.  I have made a couple of trips with it.  There are a few things it won't do, it does not play well with Blogger, I have not tried to print from it.  But I like it. It is the best portable I have ever worked with, fast, easy to work with.  It weighs next to nothing, the combination of touch screen and keyboard work well (despite Apple recently saying that computer users don't interact well with touch screens.) It holds a charge well.  

Are you Windows, Apple, or something else? 


  1. Apple. I started in graphic arts computing and Apple was the only decent way to go at the time. Used both at work. I'm hooked on Apple.