Saturday, June 16, 2018

Why Do I Let The Crazies in My Life?

There are a few people in my life, that are very difficult to be around.  Some of them have a negative outlook on life, a few believe every conspiracy theory, a couple have vastly different political views from mine.  Way back in college I took a class in persuasion theory,  the take away from that class, was don't engage the crazies, you will seldom change their point of view. 

It is easy enough in this day and age to simply block the crazies.  With the click click or two I can delete the bookmark, or unfriend.  And I have done that from time to time, but I let the crazies back in.  

Why?  It is not like I need help keeping my blood pressure up.  I let them in, because to fully understand the issues, I need to hear all sides.   If I never understand the other side, I will never be able to counter it.  The craziest of the crazies, only know one side of an issue, if I block the opposite side, I would be just as crazy as the people I think are crazy.   

How do I live with them?  I don't engage them.  I read or listen and seldom if ever comment.  

Do you let the crazies in?


  1. Rarely. Very rarely. You can't reason with crazy.

  2. FUCK NO! after 11/9/16, I blocked several people. I am crazy in my own right, I don't need others like me! I like to hang with intelligent individuals (like YOU!).

    1. I am honored to call you a friend. You damn well know Maxwell's thinks we're a pair of crazy 8 balls!

    2. kiss kiss, dear maddie! I love you too! and I don't give a fuck what maxwell's thinks of me!