Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Line of the Week

I recently finished a book about a train wreck in Thaxton, Virginia in 1889.  In a massive storm, the tracks washed out from under the train, sending it plunging into a creek. There were an unknown number of fatalities that night, the records of who was on the train were consumed in the fire that followed the disaster. There were survivors of the tragedy, some trapped in the wreckage. Several women were struggling to get out of the remains of a Pullman car, W.J. Barksdale was the first to reach them.  The ladies pleaded to not be left behind, he responded, "I will not leave, ladies until I see all safe, I am a Virginian."  

The code of honor, helping others, assuring that others are safe - human values.  We need more people like this.  I wonder if he was related to my law school classmate Ian Barksdale?  


  1. under the current dictatorship, this remains an impossibility!

  2. (Male) honor runs deep in our psyches. Any disaster or crisis brings it quickly up.