Thursday, June 21, 2018

Going Back Again

Many places I travel to once, for some - once is enough.  Other places keep repeating, some draw me back time and time again.  San Francisco is a city I enjoy revisiting, I am headed back there again soon (I'll tell you about it when I get back.) I don't often have a choice of where I am going, but I jump at the opportunity to repeat some places. 

What draws me back? 

  • Natural beauty, I remember waking up one morning in deepest Appalachia,  I had arrived after dark the night before for an early morning presentation.  I looked out my hotel room window to the most spectacular view of Elkhorn Lake.  San Francisco has a lot of those views. 
  • Great architecture,  buildings that are fun to look at, and exciting to explore.  
  • Interesting and intelligent people. 
  • Diverse people, we live in an increasingly global world, I like that. 
  • Great food.  If I want to eat at the top 10 national chains, I can do that in my neighborhood, I like to find something different. 
What do you look for in a place that draws you back? 


  1. You and I seem to be drawn back by the same things. Also, some places simply "sing" to me. Like Bergen, Norway.

  2. all those things you mentioned, plus cultural stuff (arts, music, etc.)

  3. I like the same things that draw you back. That's one reason Carlos and I love to go to Portland, Oregon.
    Plus, since I went to college in San Francisco, and lived there for a time after, Portland reminds me of my favorite city.

  4. I've thought and thought, but nothing in particular draws me back anywhere. Oh dear, I'm as boring as hell!

  5. Good memories - which may or may not be good viz. going back to a place to recreate something often disappoints.

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