Sunday, January 24, 2016

When the End Is Near, what will you think?

What do we really know about one another, we read each other's blogs, but there is more to each of us than our blog content.  So this year I am going to try to create a meme, or list of questions of the week. If you like the questions, feel free to copy and paste the questions onto your blog, and please link back to  Let me know in the comments how to find your blog and your answers. 

This is a tough one, if you don't want to publish the answers - but have worked out the answers in your mind, just leave a comment saying thanks for the questions. 

This week is a challenging meme.  Complicated issues, I have worked for decades in aging and end of life, triggered by a class in college on the legal and ethical issues of death and dying.  Last year, I faced personal challenges that have brought the questions home - I am doing well, nothing life threatening.  But these are questions we should all think about, they impact what we do in the time we have remaining on this earth. 

So, On your deathbed, 

1) What will you wish you had done more of? 
Played - done things without a meaningful purpose - but merely for the pleasure of doing them.  

2) What will you wish you had done less of? 
Worried about what others thought of me.  

3) What do you hope people will remember you for? 
That I was an adventurer - who tried to make a difference in the lives of others. 

4) What will you wish you had said to whom? 
The truth to my grandmother the last time I saw her.  

5) Who will you wish you had reached out to? 
Lots of people, social interaction is not my strength. 


  1. Hummm will give this some thought

  2. Very good questions. Somethings to think about.

  3. Fascinating. Only today I heard a lecture on the physical/mental process of dying, taught by a hospice nurse. Her main point is people are not familiar with the dying process as they once were, as the dying are put away. The reality of dying is most people are quite decrepit and not able to say anything let alone last words. But this is hair splitting - I will do your meme anon.

  4. I think I agree with spo; I'll go when I reach 100 and won't have a thought in my head.