Sunday, January 03, 2016

Fearsome Questions

Spo – (the dear) posted this meme, it looks like a good end of the year, first of the year examination, thanks to Fearsome for inspiration for this one.

What did I do this past year?
               Worked a lot, traveled a lot – 44 hotel nights this year in 12 time zones, had my spine fixed, got married.

What didn’t I do?
                See enough of my parents, friends.

Did I forget something?
                 To not let the daily obstacles turn into mountains.

What was unexpected?
                 11 weeks off from work

What did I accomplish?
                 Lots, visited 12 time zones, regained the ability to walk, another year of funding at work, 163 registered attendees at National Aging and Law Conference.

Where did I go?
                 Kauai to Salzburg, with a stop in Iceland.

What was learned?
                  Listen to my body, that I can push my body farther than I thought, and emotional healing takes longer than physical healing.

Any regrets?
                 Not seeing a doctor sooner.

Do I owe an amends that I may have missed?
                 Not that I can think of – I should think of this more often

Have I properly expressed gratitude?
                 No, I will keep trying to be better

Have I forgiven?
                Yes, for what it does for me.

Did I love?
               Yes! Maybe more than in years.   

Did I laugh?
               Yes, but not enough   

Where do I want to go?  
                Idaho and Wyoming, Japan and South Korea, forward.   

What do I wish to accomplish?
                I need to exploit my time on this stage.

With whom do I need to spend time?
                Hubby and my parents

Whom do I want to meet?
                A couple of bloggers, John Gray and Fearsome

How can I best invest my time?
                Finding solutions, inspiring others, doing good.

What do I need?
               To make the most of what I have to work with

What do I want?
               To make a difference, for others to notice what I have done 

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  1. Nice list.
    Come to Palm Springs in mid-February. I am bribing Fearsome to come visit if only for a day.