Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lots to do again

All of a sudden I am back dwarfed by the tasks at hand.  Unexpectedly a major funder asked for a concept paper on a new project, a very-very large project, like five times the size of the one I am currently responsible for.  I was starting into a busy cycle with a relatively full calendar, and now I have two weeks to write a 50 page proposal for a potentially $5,000,000 project.  Wow!  I got started today, finished a rough outline and the first couple of pages of text.  Parts of it will go together easily, an hour here and an hour there and I will get through it.  I have a couple of 5 hour flights soon, I can get 20 pages written on those flights.


  1. ay yi yi! watch your health, delegate, say NO, breathe.

  2. Wow. Challenge it may be, but sounds like you are up to it.