Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jones Point Lighthouse

Great picture of the light house at Jones Point, it's there, look again, the little white wood frame building, if you look closely has a cupola on the roof, that is the light.   It is on a point, in the Potomac, just south of Old Town Alexandria.  It was the original southern point of the District of Columbia.  It is currently the boarder between Maryland and Virginia, just to the right of the Light House you cross into Maryland for a few feet before you fall into the water. It was an active light house through World War II, there was also a ship yard on the Point during WWII that built liberty ships.

The Light House is a special spot for Us/Me, it is where we got married last October.  We were in Virginia, some of the guests may have been standing in Maryland.


  1. I love lighthouses.
    I hope my ashes are scattered at the base of Point Betsie in MI.

  2. A very special place indeed. I love seeing it from the parkway or National Harbor, and I love walking over to it.