Monday, January 11, 2016


I was in Lansing Michigan a couple of years ago and made a remark about being back in the state I was born in.  The guy across the table asked me where in Michigan and I described my birthplace in the thumb area of Michigan, about 70 miles north of Detroit, in the lower peninsula, out in the middle of nowhere.  He promptly called me a troll.  I was taken slightly aback, he went on to explain that being from the lower peninsula of Michigan, I was born below the bridge, the Mackinac Bridge that is a couple hundred miles farther north, and trolls come from under a bridge.  He was a proud Upper, born and raised in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

The majority of the population in Iceland believes in trolls, elves or fairies.  You look at the landscape there, and the very long winters and think about it, you might also.  While we were having lunch on our last day, I noticed people going in and out of a cave on the other side of the harbor.  After lunch I drove around, walked out and was surprised to see this troll sitting there, rocking back and forth and snoring.  The things you see when you take a minute to look


  1. some of my best friends are fairies (they know who they are). they bring me happiness and add some spice to my life. :)

  2. A proud Upper? Sounds like an A** to me.
    I believe in fairies, I am one.

    1. you are one of my favorite fairies, fearsome beard!

  3. Yuppers are merely cheeseheads in disguise.

  4. Oh those Yuppers. what will they say next.