Thursday, January 21, 2016

Show me a sign

This information sign is outside of a DC Memorial, instructing visitors on what they should not do when visiting, so
No Smoking
No Running
No Skateboarding
No Bicycling
No Food or Drink
And No Walking on Water?

I didn't know we had an issue with people walking on water in DC.  If the Rump is elected I am sure he will try, but even with the current politicians in town I have yet to see any of them wandering across the Potomac or the Tidal Basin.

(Actually it is no wading in the fountains.)


  1. Anonymous1/21/2016

    Actually it is "No standing on the delicious bacon".

    ~ Freckles

    1. Recent reports are that Bacon may be as bad for you a smoking. This could be the new symbol! Freckles, you'd better copyright that one.

  2. freckles wins the "comment of the day" award! :)