Saturday, January 30, 2016


There are some big things around Washington DC.  The at 555 feet the Washington Monument is the tallest thing around, in fact, if the condo association would cut down all of the trees, I could see it from my living room about 8 miles away.  The US Capital Building is about 288 feet tall, without the scaffolding that it is currently wrapped in.

The statues of dead presidents tend to be large, Lincoln and Jefferson are both big, Rosevelt - featured a couple of days ago, is only about 1.5 times normal size.  Just north of the Mall there is a jumbo Einstein.  Above is George Washington at about 30 feet tall, inside the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria.


  1. bigger is not necessarily better...

  2. Ann took my comment.
    I was just talking to Someone about a trip to DC. I haven't been there since childhood. I would like to see the sights.

    1. Come on Down! When Jay is teaching, I even have a guest bedroom and bath. It is a great conference town.

  3. I ain't having those other comments...I like my men big and my monuments even bigger! Don't even get me started on beards.....