Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I Should Ask Myself Everyday

Temple of Delphi, May 2006
* What have I done today to help someone else?
* Have I done the best I can, with what I have to work with today?
* Have I said thank you to someone today?
* Have I taken advantage of my stage today?
* Did I do at least one thing, for myself today?
* Did I keep it all in perspective today?
* Did I forgive others today?
* Is there anyone I need to apologize to for what I did or said today?
* Did I help someone find happiness or humor today?

We get back what we give off, if I want others to help me, I need to help others everyday, even when it is "not my job." All that the world can ask, is that we make the most of the gifts we have - all to often we do "good enough" and not the best we can. Thank you, is so simple and can mean so much - a simple habit to form.  We all have a stage, our blogs, our work, our family or faith - it is my responsibility to use my stage to spread the word about things I think are important.  If I don't take care of myself, who will, I need a few minutes of me time each day. It is easy to let the petty frustration of life dominate my thinking, if in the end it does not make a big difference, why waste my time and energy on it.  I forgive, because it frees my mind from carrying negative feelings toward others.  I do or say things I regret, if I don't let others know I am sorry for not thinking before doing or saying, they will think less of me.  If I can make one person smile each day, the world will be a brighter place.


  1. The perspective thing is vital me thinks

  2. this is a very good list.
    I would add: what can I do better tomorrow?