Saturday, January 23, 2016

It is all About the Attitude

Franklin Roosevelt was was elected President in the depths of a massive economic crisis, one-third of Americans were unemployed and living in poverty.  His opponent in the election couldn't see beyond the doom and gloom, FDR could see a country full of possibilities.  Our country is resource rich, our people well educated by world standard.  He refused to let the challenges stand in his way - this was only natural when you look at his life.

He didn't let his personal challenges stand in his way.  He contracted Polio in his 30's, unusual for a man of that age.  It left him with very limited control over the muscles in his legs.  He didn't let that stand in his way, he designed a better wheel chair - that was smaller and more maneuverable. He wore stiff braces to stand and walk short distances, he campaigned from the back seat of an open car and the rear platform of trains. Elevators were installed in Presidential Aircraft, so he could be lifted in and out - his boarding always happened in a closed hanger - I never found a photograph of it.

He came from a wealthy family.  He didn't need to work, and yet he did, he worked very very hard and he didn't let his challenges get in his way.  He focused on what could be done, it was all about the attitude.


  1. franklin and eleanor are two of my heroes.

  2. FDR was truly remarkable - and I love that photo. At first glance I thought the dog was real.

    1. @jon - this photo is only a part of the FDR memorial in DC. the entire piece must be seen to be appreciated!

  3. Indeed, one of the genuine greats!

  4. His is an amazing memorial, but then he was an amazing man.

  5. Daily gratitude - particularly in the face of nothing looking right - remains a key element to health. Simple as that.