Saturday, January 02, 2016

Travels for Travel

Iceland August 2015

With a name like Travel Penguin, it is only natural that I like to travel, and the blog should talk about traveling.  So you ask, what is in the plans for 2016?

In January we are headed to Newport / Huntington Beach California for a couple of days.  I have a board meeting, I am flying out a day early and spending a day sightseeing with a friend. Unfortunately I will be arriving, a couple of days after Ron and Pat are returning home.  It will be nice to get away from the winter in DC for a couple of days.

In April, I have another board meeting, this one in Denver.  I like Denver, the mile high city.  I have not made travel plans for that one yet.  I will get to that soon.

In May, I am speaking at a conference in Chicago, at the Palmer House Hilton. I have never stayed at that hotel - I understand it is very nice.  I have been in the conference rooms there, for the toy show at IML, kind of a different crowd from the legal aid types I will see this may.

Later in May we are going to Rome.  I am trilled by this one.  I have the airline tickets, so I know when I am going and returning.  The Sweet Hubby is speaking at a conference there.  We are waiting to hear on hotels provided by the conference, then I will plan and schedule the rest of that.  I look forward to the food, the art and the light of Rome.

I will have a third board meeting in September, I don't know where this year.  I am headed to the other house in Kentucky in February - weather permitting.  I need to go to Florida a couple of times to see family.  I have another project that should bring a couple more work trips.

So, where are you going this year?


  1. Anonymous1/02/2016

    Sadly I don't have any travel plans for the immediate future but man oh man I'd sure love to see your frequent flier miles haha. Have you ever run into George Clooney while you're Up in the Air?

    ~ Freckles

  2. I'll be out in Ft Lauderdale 4 or 5 times in the coming year as usual, first one already booked in February. Probably will make it to Virginia, first one booked in March, to check in on the maternal unit about 4 times as well. We are talking about a NYC trip this year as well as possibly Hawaii. Nothing abroad until probably 2017. I'm truly grateful for platinum status on United, makes all the difference on these cross country hauls.

    1. We should have lunch when you are in Virginia, let me know what your schedule is.

  3. I only have plans in my head at this point in time, but definitely Maine with a stop outside of Boston either on the way or way out, trips to see family in Virginia and Louisiana(tho LA may not happen this year)and maybe something new, like a trip to Idaho to see friends. Lots still up in the air for me yet.
    Happy New Year Travel Penguin and Wicked Hamster!

  4. I haven't made any concrete plans yet but I have tons of places I'd love to go! If I can cope with the flying I'd love to visit Australia. (I hope someday to go.) My goal is to plan more day/weekend getaway trips this year especially locally. It's always hard to plan around both our work schedules. Enjoy all your travels ahead and I look forward to all the blog posts. :)

  5. no travel plans for spouse and I as yet.

  6. Alas, nowhere special that I am aware.
    It is always hard to 'get away from work'. I hope to get to Palm Springs next month. I"ve been invited to PEI this summer. I would like to go there.