Sunday, September 13, 2015

There are no Kangaroos Austria

Another country to check off the list, we went to Austria, not Australia, Austria.  When I was planning the trip, I would tell people we were making a side trip to Austria and the reaction was "that is a long way - but there are Kangaroos and boomerangs."  Austria is a 90 minute drive from Munich. The first gift shop I went in to in Salzburg had T-Shirts that says "No Kangaroos in Austria" - I bought one.

The old quarter is a wondrous maze of narrow streets filled with shops, bars, restaurants, Mozart and churches. Lots and lots of churches.  Directly behind the old quarter is a tall hill, 2-300 feet up a cliff with a fortress and more churches on top.  Admission was about 11-euros and included a ride up and back down on a funicular.  I wouldn't have made it to the top and back without it.

The fortress is fun to explore and the cliff top offers amazing views of the landscape.  I liked Salzburg.  We stayed at the Crown Plaza - The Pitter on frequent traveler points.  It is an old hotel - nicely updated.  As an IHG frequent traveler they upgraded us to a small suite, about twice the size of a typical hotel room. The room was over the top in style and very comfortable.  The parking for the hotel is a block away, you have to pull into the hotel waiting (drop off) zone, go inside and ask for directions on how to find it.  The hotel was about a mile from the old quarter.  We took a city bus going to the quarter and walked back.  The following morning we checked out of the hotel and found a parking lot in the edge of the old quarter (follow the blue "P" signs.)


  1. it's astounding how ignorant people are. tell me, did you do the "sound of music" twirl in the mountains? salzburg looks lovely.

    my maternal grandmother's parents were from austria; they immigrated to chicago and my grandmother was born in that city.

    1. J broke into song a couple of times

  2. Tee-hee! I did not. Loved Salzburg; so glad we went. Worth a trip back. We didn't get to see the 17th-century palace the archbishop built for his mistress.

  3. What no gondoliers or flying fishes?
    Every time II think of Salzburg I hear this silly song in my head....

  4. I am disappointed about the kangaroos.