Monday, September 07, 2015

Jack for Lunch on a Friday Afternoon

When I was in Chicago recently there was a nice apartment building across the street from my hotel room.  It had this really nice terrace on the a roof area on about the 3rd floor.  I was in my room about 1:00 PM waiting for my next calendar item and these four hunky guys went out on the terrace and settled in for lunch at a table on the terrace.  I tried the incredible zoom on my newest little camera to see if those back muscles were really that great. Oh Yes - he spends some time in the gym.  When I downloaded to the pictures to my computer and looked at them on the big monitor I noticed the mid-day drink on a Friday afternoon, yes that is a bottle of Jack Daniels and  bottle of Coke on the table.

I never did that for lunch- I have led a sheltered life.


  1. to be honest, those guys are not exactly dressed for a businessperson's lunch.

    drinking and working do not mix; don draper would be disappointed indeed.

  2. Peeping toms are off the hook if they are merely inspecting the whisky.

  3. I'm gonna have to read your blog more often... and nit et you go to Chicago unaccompanied.