Sunday, September 20, 2015

Portland Oregon

I was recently in Portland for three nights for a board meeting.  Recreational marijuana does not become legal in Oregon until October 1st.  A friend of mine, who claims to have never smelled the stuff, was disappointed by this. Being "good" citizens,  we refrain from breaking the law.  Not that the good people of Portland appeared to be least bit concerned about this.  I had a couple of free hours and took a long walk down along the river front.  The first thing that made my head spin around was the guy standing there on the sidewalk with a mason jar filled with buds.  I am naive enough to not know what to do with them, but I do know what they look like. There are a lot of street people, homeless living and sleeping on the sidewalks of Portland.  As I continued my walk along the river front, I passed what looked like half an acre of sleeping bags on the sidewalk.  At the far end were half a dozen people counting out hypodermic needles.  Not good, not healthy, I am pretty sure they were not planning their insulin use for the week.

Portland is an interesting city.  It is wild west meets hipsters, meets high end shopping.  It has a nice airport connected to the city by light rail.  This was the second time I have been there.  I would go back.


  1. I was last there in 1990; my, how things have changed (airport to downtown by the MAX)! and some not for the better (the riverfront park).

  2. David,
    Portland is one our "to do" list of cities to visit. I am a bit distressed over the number of homeless living on the streets though. Reminds me of when I worked in Center City Philly in the 80's and had to step over numerous homeless sleeping in the subway concourse on my way to work. Last time I was in Center City Philly, they were gone, much to the betterment the city.

  3. they have some lovely pinot noir in the area.