Wednesday, September 23, 2015

20 Reasons Why I am Thankful

We are so lucky, We have so many reasons to be thankful, here are 20 of mine

  1. Having been able to travel to nearly all of the USA and 15 other countries 
  2. Having the ability to learn nearly anything I commit to learning
  3. Having a college degree, only 6.7% of the worlds population has a college degree
  4. Having a JD,  I worked for it, I paid for it, I am glad I was able to, and that it has opened exciting doors for me 
  5. Having asked for medical care last May, 
  6. Having access to extremely well qualified medical providers 
  7. Being in love with someone special 
  8. Having had grandparents and a great grandmother around when I was growing up (even if my blog posting about her failed to draw any comments.) 
  9. Having work I find rewarding and working for people who allow me freedom to do good work 
  10. For having developed a healthy level of self understanding, and self acceptance
  11. Having friends 
  12. Living in an era of relative world peace, open boarders, good health care, reasonable safety standards 
  13. Having moved several times during high school, it exposed me to possibilities beyond my backyard. 
  14. For growing up riding bikes 
  15. For the opportunity to live in a world capital 
  16. Having few fears, 
  17. Only having a couple of people in my life that I have been unable to forgive 
  18. Loving to read  
  19. Understanding the risks and burdens of debt 
  20. Being able to blog 


  1. #7 - I wonder who THAT could be (wink wink)

  2. Replies
    1. A doctorate of law, Juris Doctor (got any sick laws around?)

    2. bwhahahahaha! you so funny, penguin!

  3. I am most grateful you have #20