Tuesday, September 22, 2015

20 Things That Make Me Happy

1: My Sweet Soon To Be Husband
2: Travel
3: Adventure
4: Boats in quiet water
5: Reading
6: Taking photographs
7: Jimmy Buffet songs
8: Riding a bike
9: Blog Comments
10: Sharp Cheddar Cheese
11: Sheep
12: Accelerating down a runway and taking flight
13: Crossing the Potomac
14: Raspberries
15: Bears
16: Fresh sheets on a big bed
17: Planes and Trains that leave on time
18: Steam trains
19: A high desert landscape
20: Walking


  1. #15 - animal or human (wink wink)?

    #10 - the sharper the better

    #9 - here ya go! :)

  2. What?....no sheep??

  3. Anonymous9/22/2015

    Reading your blog makes me happy. And also reading your comments on other blogs makes me happy because you actually put thought into your comments, and don't just mindlessly tell others "you're right". #19 on your list also makes me happy ... a landscape of desserts (haha) ... chocolate as far as the eye can see!

  4. Number 19 sounds like fun. Do you mean something like the views at Monument valley?
    The first thing that sprung to mind was the pudding table in the revolving restaurant in the Marriott in Times Square!

    1. I went to the 1st grade in Phoenix Arizona, every time I see that cactus landscape, I smile.

  5. I can strongly identify with all of these, except Jimmy Buffet.
    Bears? I'm assuming you mean cute, cuddly, hairy guys - - not Smokey THE Bear.....
    I love sharp cheddar cheese....and raspberries.

    1. sharp cheddar & raspberries? sounds intriguing! I am used to sharp cheddar & apples.

  6. Oh this is a good list indeed.
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