Thursday, September 03, 2015

Ten Years of Blogging

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the Adventures of Travel Penguin. 

Blogging and traveling has been and continues to be an interesting adventure.  I have met some wonderful people, been lots of interesting and not so interesting places, and learned a lot about myself and the world through blogging.  I do this because I enjoy it.

I mentioned this s few days ago, my first blogging experience was as a fill in while "Uncle Bert" was on vacation 10 year's ago.  The first few postings I did were on his blog, and while I was at it, I started creating and posting Travel Penguin.  I didn't tell anyone about Travel for a couple of weeks.  I wanted to be sure I could do this.

One of the first postings I did on Bert's blog was about a beauty show that I attended.  I was privileged to be allowed back stage as the contestants were primped and prepared to face the judges. tension ran high as hair was perfected and every speck of dust brushed away.  In the end they were all ready for their moment in the spotlight.

The announcers comments started with,  Nice udders on number one,  great configuration on number three, and number five looks especially dairy.  The picture above is from backstage, it was a beauty show at the Kentucky state fair ten years ago last week.  At heart I am an old farm boy, who does enjoy a good beauty contest.


  1. I see milk and cheese and ice cream...on the hoof!

    congrats on 10 years! may you have 10 x 10 more years!

  2. Congratulations on your 10th year of blogging!

    I live next to a meadow full of cows. I can relate to this.