Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just Me

The Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, the "pod" in the background is one of the elevators

I lit my first candle in a Catholic Church in Paris in January 1991

Robert Schuman House Hotel in Trier Germany - subject of a blog post to come

In the panoramic window in the back of the Zeppelin 

Front of the passenger cabin on the Zeppelin 

Bombs Away! 

Well! in Switzerland 

The Munich Airport

Me, taking a picture of Jay taking a picture, on the way to the airport in Iceland

Yes, sometimes I use the stick, if I am walking a lot, or walking on uneven or sloped surfaces it helps.  The physical therapy is working, I noticed on my recent trip to Portland (that I have not talked about on here yet) that going up and down stairs is much easier. 


  1. penguins everywhere! yet WHY have I NOT seen a pix of your little travel buddy? :(

  2. -so glad to see you just being YOU! Stronger, no more disability! -at least one of us anyway!!

    1. I am doing remarkably well, and compensating for the limitations to the best of my ability. It is wonderful to feel like traveling again. I did notice the grin on my face in these.

  3. splendid pictures all
    I am fond of rock wells.