Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Another Country

We went to Switzerland for lunch one day.  We were in Friedricksaven Germany for the Zeppelin Ride, I have told you about that haven't I?  We took a ferry across Lake Konstance to Romanshorn Switzerland.  It is a pleasant 40 minute ride each way, it was $17.10 per person round trip.  We left the car in Germany, the registration staff at Mercedes really discouraged driving in Switzerland.  We had a nice wander around, it was a Sunday, so most of the shops were closed.  We went into a couple of nice churches and had lunch at this wonderful place with this spectacular view. 

It was fun, add another country to the list of places visited.  A couple more to add on this trip, Austria and Iceland. 


  1. That was just a lovely day! (Did I get my laundry done by then?)

  2. Why is driving in Switzerland discouraged by Mercedes staff?

    1. A separate road tax that you have to pay for an entire year of, even if you are only there for the day (40-euros), incredibly strict traffic laws with very heavy fines that must be paid in cash, on the spot - or they haul you in, photo tickets that they will collect - if you try to avoid paying - they will catch you the next time you enter the country and you pay - or go to jail.

  3. Yikes you never sit still
    I want to see Switzerland having been trained in the Jungian school.