Monday, March 16, 2015


I can remember the first time rode public transit, I was about 10, we were at the Detroit Auto Show and my parents took us on a circulator bus to the Hudson's department store. The big main Hudson's store was a wondrous place. I remember the elevators with operators, I bought my first transistor radio there, a big thing in 1968.  Sadly the store is long gone, one of the saddest videos on You-Tube is the destruction of this once great building (and I generally like controlled demolition videos.)

It was 20 years after that before I rode my first subway, the DC Metro system.  I was quickly hooked.  I like the simplicity of public transit. I use it when ever I can, when I visit new places I am always looking for transit options.  I prefer trains to buses.  I have transit cards for London, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and DC in my travel case, ready to hit the ground running (I also keep Euros and Pounds on hand - ready to land and go without looking for an ATM.)

The train above only runs about 1-mile.  It is inside the new main terminal at the Detroit Airport.  It shuttles people around the very-very long concourse. As I recall it is a cable car, the cable moves and the train grabs onto it and is pulled along.  The underground train the Cincinnati airport runs on the same system.   By the way if you have changed planes in Cincinnati, you actually changed planes in Kentucky, the airport is on the south side of the Ohio River.  A lot of people are surprised to hear that they have once set foot in Kentucky and didn't know it.


  1. yep, CVG - covington KY. cause there was no room in OH to put the airport.

    philly has always had good public transportation; I remember age 6 riding the 25 cent trolley (streetcar) with my grandmother into town. once there, we hit all the major dept. stores (wanamakers, strawbridges, lits, gimbels, snellinburgs). all of them had elevator operators and elegant restaurants and HUGE restrooms; wanamakers even had WOODEN escalators!

    the wanamakers, strawbridges, lits buildings have been repurposed; the other 2 are gone.

    1. I vaguely remember wood escalators. I am a big fan of re-purposing grand old buildings. Not all old building are worth saving.

  2. I love rapid/mass transportation, and wish our region had it. But being in politically different jurisdictions, I doubt they'll ever kiss and make up, and create a decent regional system. I love the Metro, and have used the system in NYC. I also love England's, and use it whenever possible (especially since the friends I have there don't drive).

    Peace <3

  3. Oh ! I recognized this right away having grown up in MI.