Saturday, March 07, 2015

Slow Down

Jay has a collection of pictures of my backside walking away.  He claims that it is not because he has fetish for my backside, but that I have always been in a hurry.  I am a man on a mission, with a singular focus and that is always ahead. Apparently this is nothing new, this picture was taken almost 25-years ago in London by my now long distant ex.  That is the Queen's Horse Guard coming at me, as I recall my ex frightened the horses and was nearly trampled - there are many reasons that few pictures of said person exist.

Over the past few years my worn out knees have slowed me down, at times quite dramatically.  Jay can finally keep up.  But, I still end up walking away.  While some linger to examine the world and smell the roses, others thunder onto the next great adventure. Oh well, gota run!


  1. hey, a cute ass deserves a pix (or 20)!

  2. Tee-hee! How true! I really need to assemble an album of the walking away pictures. I wonder how many I have at this point? Be assured that I continue to adore both sides of you!

  3. I like your backside as well; your partner is most sensible to do this.

  4. That's not a bad backside at all! And I like your attitude. Charge on ahead!

    Peace <3

  5. David,
    I so enjoy walking. I can't run anymore, that ended years ago. But walking, I love walking. And like you, I'm usually one on the go but for the past month with this injured leg . . . . you gotta know this is killing me. Being immobilized, for someone like us is especially debilitating. It seems we never really appreciate what we have until we lose it.