Friday, March 06, 2015

Best Wishes on A Milestone Day

Congratulations to fellow blogger John Gray And Professor Chris on their Marriage today in Trelawnyd, North Wales. I share their joy, and the joy of a society where happy and committed same sex couples can finally marry and receive the same protections and recognition for their marriage as opposite sex couples. To quote a co-worker of John's, "it's about bloody time."

John and Chris you are pioneers on the frontier of equal treatment.  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.  Relax and enjoy the day as you make history.

I wish I could be there today.

John keeps us all entertained with accounts of his life, and the lives of all the creatures great and small that he cares for on a daily basis.


  1. Thanks for this my friend
    I am just about to get in the bath!

  2. aren't they just the cutest EVAH couple?

    now when are you and sweet bear gonna join them?

    1. When the Supreme's tell the 6th Circuit that they have to recognize the marriage. Nasty business living in two state.

    2. I see; hopefully in june your wish will come true!

  3. Very cool! Congratulations!!!!

    Peace <3