Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Soaring Architecture

I like great churches,  I am not a practitioner of any organized religion. I find some of the principles of most religions problematic, I think there are sufficient reasons to be a good person, do good work, be nice to others without having to worry about what happens after this life, I don't need to be told that I am capable of evil, I know, I also know the consequences in this lifetime for being evil and chose not to do that.  But I love the architecture that we lavish on churches.   

There was a era in America when banks built great buildings, building that demonstrated long term commitment and strength.  Periodically government buildings are examples of solid timeless and durable design.  The great train stations of 100 years ago where built as temples to reliability - a handful of great examples endure. But anymore banks are low cost, modern and temporary, most government buildings are built to be low maintenance, and train stations - well they simply are no longer temples of transit.  But churches are probably the greatest examples of timeless and enduring architecture. These are buildings designed to inspire and awe and to last for eons, without regard to the cost.  They soar with stone and light.  

The picture above is the National Cathedral in Washington DC. A wonderful space.  It is a little hard to get to, a mile up hill from the nearest metro station.  It now has a nice underground parking garage.  It is lighter and more open then St. Pauls', or Notre Dame de Paris. Of course smaller than St Peters.  It is worth the visit when you are in DC. 


  1. notre damn? I didn't see that one when I visited paris! ;-)

    been to st. paul's, st. peter's, and washington national. and we have a terrific railroad station in philly, a glorious space to people watch AND take a train!!

    1. Philly does have a great train station, thanks for catching the typo.

  2. I too adore a proper church. This is worth of Heaven.