Wednesday, March 18, 2015


We spend 8 months of the year, working 400 miles apart, and e-communication makes a real difference in maintaining our relationship.  We email, video chat, exchange text messages, follow one another on Facebook and talk on the phone.  We are in contact several times a day.  I spend a couple of weeks a year in the other house, and the Sweet-Bear spends the summers, winter break and spring break here in the condo.

So how do we communicate when we are sitting three feet apart, emails and Facebook. I have been known to use video chat if he is in the other room.  We also talk, take long drives, go shopping, cook and enjoy meals together.  But e-life continues to be a part of life.  It is hard to imagine life before email and yet it has only been a little over 20 years.  Blogging has been in my life almost 10 years, Facebook came after that.

I can remember when a radio that fit in my pocket was a big deal, now we have computers that fit in our pockets.  I read the other day that in 1991, the computing power of last year's I-phone, cost over $3.5-million dollars.  Our smart phones have more computing power and memory then NASA had available when they landed men on the moon and brought them safely back to earth.  That happened in my lifetime.

My parents were born the year that Lindbergh flew the Atlantic, what will happen within the lifetime of a person born today?  How will the E-life change their life?


  1. David,
    I feel so privileged to life in this time of e-life. My new found friendship with Pat of Toronto Canada would not have been possible without e-life. We continue to maintain our relationship with FaceTime, several times a day every day since that day in August 2013 when we first met in Lewes, Delaware. I've also renewed a friendship with my best friend during my elementary school days through FaceTime. I now how two other old friends (from school) that I FaceTime occasionally. Then there is Facebook in which I keep in contact with former co-workers, relatives and other friends who I rarely see in person. Some bemoan the impersonal of e-life but for me e-life has enriched my life beyond measure. And of course I have your friendship which would not have been possible had I not had a blog. Have a great day!

    1. And this is helping you stay in contact, while you recover.

  2. technology has helped keep you and sweet bear in touch. but all of us have to know how to use it wisely.

  3. It amazes me. E-life encouraged...nay, convinced me to come out of the closet, and made it so much easier. E-life has let me reconnect with friends from as far back as high school.
    I can't imagine where it is going to go from here!

    Peace <3

  4. And I cast such a dashing profile on the small screen.

  5. I worry e-life makes people paradoxically more connected to many and less connected to any.