Monday, March 30, 2015

Not my Usual

Vodka is not my usual tipple, and this is not your typical vodka.  It is a specialty product from the Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort Kentucky.  To me most vodkas are harsh, have little flavor and too much burn.  This is mild and smooth.  You can make vodka from almost any fermentation.  Distill almost all of the flavor components out of the mash and you have a vodka.  Almost all, but not quite all of the flavor components.  Most cheap vodka is made from the cheapest grain available (corn.)  This is 100% wheat.  Like a wheated bourbon, it is smooth and maybe a little sweet.  It is distilled 10 times in a combination of column and pot stills and the  care that goes into making it shows. The ten times distillation is a sign that it is distilled with narrow cuts, taking away just a little of the undesirable flavor compounds each time.

It is limited in availability, in fact you may need to make a trip to Frankfort to find it in the retail store at the distillery.  Drink it straight or mix a great martini, it is worth the trip.  Ralfy needs to find a bottle of this.


  1. You're right about vodka - - it's generally harsh and tasteless. Never heard of Wheatley, but it's probably worth a drive to Kentucky. Booze is impossible to find here in the Baptist-infested wilds of Tennessee. All I can buy is beer - - and only in one store.

  2. I have had bad experiences with vodka...hard for me to get it near my nose. But I could possibly try this!

    Peace <3

  3. tipple! I know that word!