Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Thaw

I remember the spring thaw on the farm in Michigan as a child.  the house was set 100 feet back from the road, and the road was higher then the house, so the melt ran down the drive into the yard.  I would follow the melt from the top, down, watching it get larger and larger. Drops from a snow pile join together to form a rivulet, those join in to a flow, into a run, into a stream.  I use to spend hours, following the flow, watching the stream grow ever stronger as more and more drops joined in.  There was a drainage ditch that ran along the side of the yard, the water would flow in it steadily enough some springs that fish would swim in it, I played with dam building in the ditch, much to my father's dismay.  By late spring and into the summer it would dry up, but for a few weeks in the spring we had a mini water way near the house.   


  1. After every rain, we have a mini-lake at the end of our driveway. We're the only ones in this development who have that distention. So far no fish.

  2. The spring thaw in Michigan this year has brought very little water with it as there's been no rain and the temps have only been slightly above freezing. BUT our massive amount of snow is almost completely gone and the deep freeze has broke so I'm okay with the strange spring thaw in Michigan this year!

    1. Thanks for the comment, I left Michigan in 1977 and have seldom looked back

  3. I think the spring thaw with its promise of warmer days and spring flowers makes winter worthwhile.

  4. My stream grows and cleans out the fall leaves. And we certainly had a melt this year!

    Peace <3