Tuesday, July 03, 2018


I took this the first day out, with my first digital camera.  To put it bluntly I was blown away by the color and detail.  I had bought a digital camera as a toy, thinking it would be a nice novelty, it was so much more than that.  It quickly became my primary camera, I have owned several since, they keep getting better and better.  My current Nikon SLR is lite weight, easy to use, and has amazing technology.  I take more pictures today than I did before.  

Do you take more pictures today, than you did before digital? 


  1. Oh, yeah! Some days I download several hundred. On that recent trip, I downloaded over 900 each day.

  2. I take way more pictures now.

    I'm off shortly on another vacation, so wanted to wish you a Happy Fourth !!!!

  3. I take a lot of pictures - but I don't seem to save them or look at them later. Seems a bit pointless this way.