Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Makes Me Wonder

A few days ago, I mentioned this alley way in China Town in San Francisco.  Barely wide enough to let the sun in, obviously a pedestrian way, or is it? Take a moment and look at the picture, what looks out of place.  

Go ahead, I will wait. 

Two things, the rolling trash dumpster, and the No Parking sign.  I can't imagine driving a trash truck down this passage, or driving my car in and blocking the entrance to the barbershop next door to the fortune cookie factory, but there it is, a No Parking sign, makes me wonder.

What has made you wonder this week? 


  1. I saw the parking sign right away and thought, what the hell is anyone parking in there, a horse?

    Lots of things make me wonder, for one, how does trump live with himself?

    1. Maddie, honey, fungus isn't self-aware.

  2. WTF is wrong with many people in this country that would worship an orange baby dictator wannabe king.

    and why is the sky a weird color this morning?

  3. Ha! Given some of the streets where we live and travel in Southern Spain, I'd say that's quite a broad boulevard (but I knew where you were going). As you know, I'm in DC this week; too much has made me wonder!