Monday, July 23, 2018

Big things start small

I like BIG things.  The bigger the better - call me a size queen if you want but I'd sooner ride a 777 than a 737 any day.  I miss the days when transcontinental flights were on large double aisle jets, I have experienced a trans-Atlantic trip on 757s.  Not too bad - with an overnight stop in Iceland.  But I really prefer huge planes.  The jet in this picture is a JAL 777.  The engine cowlings are about as big around as a 737 fuselage.  

When I think about it, I am amazed, that something as large and complex as that, began with one first part.  It might be something simple like a screw, or bolt, or rivet. The first sections of metal were cut, finished and assembled into the first subassembly.  From a humble beginning grew this marvel that flies non-stop from Chicago to Tokyo.  

Travel is like that, it all begins with a simple small beginning.  When I was a college student at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida there was a Godiva Chocolate shop in the Park Plaza Hotel on Park Avenue. I went by there one day and there was a 50 pound chocolate bunny in the window.  I stepped in and asked, "how does anyone eat a 50-pound chocolate bunny?"  The clerk had the perfect answer, "one bite at a time my friend, one bite at a time."  


  1. I like big things too tootes.

  2. I fear a large plane is more likely to break apart than a smaller one.



  3. @maddie - size queen! :)

    I tend to knit big things (adult sweaters) rather than little things (baby sweaters). but both are knit one stitch at a time.

  4. I like big mutts, and I cannot lie.
    Even tho the ones I have are small fry.

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  6. I like big things, too... although I DO like flying in small planes.