Thursday, July 19, 2018

Your Fortune Says - 50-cents please

We went for a wander and a nice lunch in China Town in San Francisco.  We stumbled across the cities oldest fortune cookie factory.  I had seen video of the place in action, if you are a TV celebrity they will let you take a stab at folding fortune cookies,  an exercise in silliness the first few times.  They will custom make cookies with your message.  Everyone gets a free sample, for 50-cents you can take pictures.  

It was in the kind of alley, you might not walk down. You might not feel safe - or comfortable - in reality it was filled with simple delights and warm welcoming people.  I bet at some point someone said, "if I had 50-cents for every picture someone took I could retire someday." 

Have you ever paid to take a picture? 


  1. I can't say I have. Yet.

  2. nope. but I LOVE fortune cookies! and it's cool how they are made!

  3. Nope, but I LOATHE fortune cookies no matter how they're made.

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