Thursday, July 05, 2018

Complicated Times

American politics are a lifetime of bizarreness, making life in DC a bit complicated.  

No one wins a trade war, and someone is proving their stupidity one Tweet at a time. It is not that complicated.   

We are starting work on updating the Condo, and Lowes sent a tractor trailer and a forklift to deliver flooring to my home on the third floor.  The driver called from outside and said, NO WAY.  Now I paid Lowes to send someone to come out a measure, and create a plan for putting in the floors.  It isn't that complicated. 

My department at work is being defunded by our host organization.  We have reserve funds, so we have a couple of years for a transition, but we either need to develop a plan that allows us to exist entirely on outside funding, or we all need to figure figure out what next.  I have three options, find additional outside funding, find another position within the organization (in a different department), or move onto another opportunity.  I had hoped that the work would outlast me, this brings me up a few years short of not needing to rely on this for an income and health insurance.  Change and new opportunities are never easy, but frequently leave us in a better place than staying static. I need to keep reminding myself, it is not that complicated, look at all three options and create the way forward.  

So, sometimes things are complicated. 

Hows things with you? 


  1. Uff! Don't ask... Life should be easy now, but sometimes things ARE complicated.

  2. RTG needs a hip replacement. other than that, life is good for us both.

  3. Right rotator cuff is giving me fits, so I not a happy camper at this time. I use a walker or rollator to move every where, so if I had to have my right shoulder out of commission, I'd be sunk!

  4. I've been finding/eating *lots* of raspberries!!!